Blk Jac

Sitting in the garden ignoring  the other cats especially Gwennie she just hate him perhaps it is because hir fur is longer than hers I don't know lol.
Well just to say that in the night my top lip looks like I have had bad botox or I am dressing up as a Trout with a pout.
my nose has a good shine to it where it to has grown..
And I have a red line going down my right side from my nose to my neck..
I am ok more piriton and more cream, my daughter said put a cool compress on my face for 15 mins then rest for 30 then back with the cool flanel . well it has gone down quite a lot. but the red line is now swollen itches like mad, but my lip is almost normal.
So I think I am a accident of circumstance . The wind has been terrible today also I have been doing embriodery on Hollys picture. keeping in and quiet. late afternoon I looked out the garden and saw bees all over the floor and in the flower pots. I realised what was wrong !! they were seeking water, the marble fountain was blown dry and I had not been in the bee space because of my face and the wind was bad all night long and through the day so I had not filled the bowl in there either. poor loves I filled the marble fountain for them and they went straight to it. and filled the one in the bee space to. wind dries everything up. they need water to dilute the nectar they collect and they need water to make the comb to lay eggs in.I have inspected them last week and it would seem we have a new queen laying eggs. and at this time of the year they are going full blast so the wind is causing trouble all round. I think I could have been walking anywhere and got a bee up my nostril. I often get a fly up them it must been the way I was made lol..... never mind eh! I am still here I was told that the first sting is nothing then it hits you harder the next time. you are either allergic or not and you become immune to the stings.. not good but you have to deal with what life throws at you eh! and deal with it......

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