An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happiness in a bowl...

One of my old diary entries mentions my gran's homemade soup.

When I was growing up, she made wonderful soups;  lentil and ham, Scotch broth, cock-a-leekie, chicken and rice, to name a few.  It was to her eternal frustration that in my pre-teen years I always insisted I preferred canned soup, the ironically named Granny's brand to be precise.  Thankfully by my teens I had seen the light and ditched the canned stuff for her delicious bowls of heaven.  

There was one soup she made though, that I always loved, and she called it mince soup.  None of my friend's mums or grans made this soup and I've  always assumed it was a recipe she'd made up.  Over the years I've longed to taste it again but couldn't remember all the ingredients.  In desperation, I've even tried googling but to no avail.  Until last week!  

On one of my still-awake-at-3am nights, the thought of my gran's soup came to mind.  I googled and found THIS!  I couldn't believe my eyes! 

So today I made the soup.  The aroma as it cooked brought a tear to my eye, oh the memories.  And when I tasted it, I was delighted to find it's almost identical to what she made.  In a flash I was 14 again, sitting in my gran's kitchen patiently waiting for my bowl to be dished.  

I only had a little taste as we're having it for lunch tomorrow (always tastes better the following day.)  I can't wait! :-)))

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