Tree on the West Side

I have featured my favoured tree (East side) several times, so to keep your attention, today the view over to the other direction.  Deliberately over-exposed (edited) to create a High Key effect (for Carolina’s Mono Monday challenge) 

Wasted a hour or two over HEPA hoover bag issues.  Was planning to incorporate them as single-use filters in face masks.  Seems they provide a reasonably effective Covid barrier. And yes I have read suggestions they shouldn’t be used re fibreglass particles in them.  But may just be fake news. For the rare occasion we may wear them I’ll take the risk, and anyway they will be covered by a good quality cotton fabric.  

I ordered original Hoover bags, «  sold by Amazon «  described as HEPA, but when they arrived the box stated EPA.  I assumed that was the same thing, but no, HEPA is generally more effective than EPA. 

I notified Amazon who agreed their return.  So I bagged them up and a neighbour returned them to the Post Office.  I ordered different HEPA Hoover bags. They arrived today. Guess what EPA again. No way was I going to bag them up and trouble my neighbour again. Annoyed, called Amazon.  Refunded on the spot and can keep them. 

So tomorrow I may attempt making a few masks. We’ll see if I can get my act together..

22:35 Good Night. Off to put my feet up and relax in bed. 

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