By dunkyc

It's Oh So Quiet

Change over day. Once more silence stalks the walls of my small but perfectly formed home.

This pretty much set the tone for the day to be honest. Like many others, I was left scratching my head after our illustrious (tongue firmly in cheek) leader’s statement last night, particularly when various addendums and “what he meant to say” type follow-ups started materialising immediately after and in to today.

I did a few jobs and elected to go for a run to clear my head, get my heart pumping and try to sweat out at least a couple of the various cakes I have eaten over the Bank Holiday weekend. The irony of a nation being told that infinite exercise and visits to outside spaces were now on the cards and then finding that the streets, paths, avenues and alleyways were emptier than they have been for weeks was not lost on me and my pre-taped nipples.

Despite not having run for a few days and having a strong wind to contend with, my timing was surprisingly consistent and whilst no rungasm was achieved, I felt pretty good.

I spent the afternoon ruining all the good work I had just done and so felt compelled to walk out to purchase some essentials (I gots to have my reed diffusers and washing up liquid). There were a few people around, but even fewer post-Booths shop, to the point that as I was heading back for home, I turned and snapped this of Kendal Market Place, capturing nary a soul.

Feeling like I should give Mr Johnson another chance, I listened to his bluster, repetition and dodging of (for once, admittedly) fair questions and growing annoyed, switched over to Searching for Sugar Man (on reflection, with the amount of crap I've eaten, this was quite an apt choice) which was an 1hr 26mins of brilliance. If you haven’t seen it and like your music documentaries, I highly recommend it!

A fine end to a low-key, high-carb day.

Stay healthy. 

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