By dunkyc

Close Up

There’s been something of a shift in the weather today.

From “walk around in your pants” yesterday, we seem to have reverted to “wrap up, it’s a bit chilly out” today. It’s the first time in a long while, when I’ve been out on a walk with the children and wished that I had my beanie on.

I’d wanted today to be a “yes” day with the children, but I’d realised the fatal flaw in my plan, which is that a “yes” to one, can have the unintended consequence of a “no” to the other. Ever the diplomat, I have fallen back on the parents’ staples of “maybe”, “we’ll see” and my personal favourite; “I’ll have my people speak to your people and see if we can meet in the middle somewhere”.

Even adventures in cardboard seems to have reached its nadir, with an ill-fated attempt at creating a robot costume for the youngest not being particularly well received and thus it was abandoned to join the other cra…..creations in the cupboard-under-the-stairs.

We had a big lunch before a brief wander in the cold wind, taking a couple of macro shots on the fly of which this was my favourite (located in a council-planted tub adjacent to Aynam Road)  and then on our return, I gave in to the lure of screen time and allowed the Nintendo Switch to take the reins for a little while. 

I took the time out for a well-deserved brew, blip and kip.

Stay healthy.

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