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Red-to-right-returning in the channel

Today was an errands day, so technically I shouldn't use my 'stayingathome' tag, altho once back home, I'm stayingathome!    Also found out my new mask is no good when I'm talking - as soon as I open my mouth, it moves down my face ending up at my lower lip!   And because it is two layers of material, it 'breathes' with me.   Had the original one in the car, so I switched back.

Morning newspaper headline  :  TOURISM SEEKING A REBOOT
Having no clear plan to replace Hawaii's biggest industry leaves the state's economic future in doubt.   The Hawaii economy needs a reset, and COVID-19 has provided the opportunity to do it.
Almost everyone agrees the state needs to diversify and be less dependent on tourism.   There is also a growing sense that tourism had gotten out of hand - too many tourists, spending too few dollars.
Where there is less agreement is in deciding how to diversify and how to alter tourism.
Two Hawaii economic development aspirations from about 30 years ago have been put back on the table :  expanding broadband, and growing tourism through spending rather than arrivals.          . . . to be continued

And  :  Visitors exploit quarantine loopholes
A majority of the 460 visitors who flew to Oahu on Friday and Saturday said they would be staying with family or friends.
The question is whether those visitors staying with family or friends are following the 14-day quarantine as ordered by Gov Ige on March 26.  During the two-week quarantine, visitors are not allowed to leave their accommodations for any reason other than medical care and are not allowed to have visitors.

And  :  Hawaiian in New York warns islanders to remain vigilant
In light of scientists' warning of a second COVID-19 wave, Honolulu expat Kiana Davenport says she feels alarmed by the relaxed attitude she encounters when she calls to check on family back home.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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