By Knottman2

May 12th 1935

May 12th.1935 was a day of special celebration. It was the Silver Jubilee of the reign of King George V. Special stamps were issued for the occasion and somewhere I still have some. They included one for a halfpenny. A different world.
Far away from the pomp of Buckingham Palace another event was being celebrated. This was in the small Yorkshire town of Pudsey where t’ducks fly backards to keep t’muck out ther eyes. In a small back to back terrace house Alice and Ernest became the proud parents of a son who they called Kenneth.
They would have been astonished to know that 85 years later this little lad would have become an enthusiastic Blipper.

Some of you guessed what today’s exciting event would be. And indeed some looked back at the blip for this date last year to check.
Several will know of my eccentric birthday behaviour. For several years now on my birthday morning I have left the house before breakfast and walked from my front door to the highest point on Arnside Knott. Its a kind of celebration of the fact that I can still do it. And my iPhone walking app tells me that it took only one minute longer than last year. The pleasure was enhanced by the fact that on the summit I was able to wave at Gladders and Gus.

The plan had been that the main blip picture would be a photo on top of the Knott. But when I got home and opened my cards I thought the one from my younger son and family was so cleverly done that it had to take pride of place.

Its been such a fun day so far. Lots of cards and two cakes. And I am not too old to enjoy a few pressies. A new Swiss locomotive and a top of the range Amazon Kindle to make reading more of a pleasure for old eyes.

And blipping has been so enjoyable that I am looking forward to starting another year. It helps to keep you young at heart.

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