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Calne (Monday 11th May 2020)

These days there is usually a swan on the river below Beaches Terrace or on The Wharf on the other side of the hidden bridge, but rarely at the same time, though I am not sure if it's same the swan or not as there have been two young swans here. On Monday there was a swan was on the Wharf, on the road side of the canal so I was able to look down upon it from the pavement directly overhead.
I have put a technicolour alternative image in Extras but when I had noticed the Mono Monday theme this week was 'High Key' a swan seemed a suitable subject and I took the shots with this in mind.
With thanks to Carolina for hosting Mono Monday.

Much better resolution in Large (Gallery) view

12.5.2020 (1536 hr)

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Government Approved Exercise Around Calne, 10-11 May 2020 (Flickr album of 20 photos)

Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Pentax HD P-D FA 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6ED DC WR lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Bob Dylan - Hurricane (Take 1 of session recorded 30 July 1975, Columbia Studios, New York NY)
The version of Hurricane, a song written by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy,  that Dylan lovers know, about the controversial imprisonment of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter on a charge of triple murder, appeared on the album Desire and was recorded in October 1975. However Dylan had first recorded the song in late July 1975 with Scarlet Rivera on violin and Vinnie Bell on Danelectro Bellzouki 12-string guitar, but with a lyric that contained the lines, "I was only robbing the bodies, I hope you understand", that could have resulted in a lawsuit from Arthur Dexter Bradley, according to the record company lawyers. Three takes recorded on 28 July were duly deleted on 7 December 1975, but a single take recorded two days later escaped, but remained unreleased.
"Because there was too much leakage on the multitracks to make a vocal 'punch in,' Dylan had to re-record the entire song. This is the original version, and probably the earliest recording of Hurricane in existence. Enjoy this gem while you can!" - Swingin' Pig

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