a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Busy Bee

Tiny Tuesday: Busy Bee

Cold today, but sunny for the main part, with lighter winds.  The lawnmower repair man delivered the lawnmower back today.  I'd eventually given up and called in a professional!  He commented that he could see why I'd decided not to keep trying to do it himself and explained that it had been one of his more difficult jobs.  He was probably just being nice to me, but it made paying his bill rather easier - good psychology on his part.

Speaking of repairs, as I mentioned yesterday, the iMac has had to go back to Apple for "servicing" so Cathy and I are currently trying to both share  my old lap top from 2011.  I replaced it a few years ago as it had gradually become unreliable and started to suffer from hardware problems that were just not cost effective to repair.  

It does actually work for fairly limited undemanding tasks, Cathy has used it all day for work, (which really just requires the laptop to run a Citrix environment in a browser.  But asking it to use photo editing software to convert a 55MB RAW file from the Z7 that I have edited into a JPG, is now almost always beyond it.  I've eventually managed to get this shot to convert after the 10th attempt, but I'm going to need a different solution for my photography going forward.  Ah well ... time to go shopping on line :-)

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