Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Hospital Trip

I've seriously upped the dosage of morphine I take (my Dr decided - not me), so I'm a little more chilled and confused than normal. Positively dizzy at times. 
.....Which I need after today's biopsy. They basically found the most painful point of the whole mess and drilled. It was actually a very thin test tube, shot in like a gun. When the local anisthetic wore off .....well, it was not comfortable to say the least. I should hear some results by Tuesday. I also got a plain x-ray of my heart and lungs just for a quick check. They are mostly fine but my right lung has a small misty patch that could be the cause of all my woes. It is NOT lung cancer because there were no dark/black spots. So whatever all this is about it is treatable, said the Dr.

I have also got a reschedule for my canceled CT scan from yesterday for tomorrow. A quick turn around. They are going to max me out on morphine and hope I can lie down. This should work but I fear the aftermath of pain.

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