Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Another work in progress, with Fiona,( remotely)

 Can’t keep a real garden up on our roof deck so the girls and I have over the years painted one.   I’m usually not home so much right now so this is a great time to do the west wall… But I need Fiona!   So she has to draw me the flowers on paper and then I try to copy them….here’s is today’s on FaceTime! … I just got the orange and yellow one started before it got too windy (recently it’s been either too cold, too HOT, or too rainy many days…but there was a bit of a window today..)   So we had to retire to inside and she proceeded to read us her latest story of another family with 9 kids ..she is the narrator (a 10 year old with the nickname Charlie-alex   ..real name Charlotte-Alexa.) .  Then she had to show us the house in the Sims tv game that she built for them and told us all their personalities…Charlie-Alex is the creative tomboy, of course.  To be continured.   Then we read a bit in our Shipwreck Treehouse book while she got her own snacks. whew.  A bit different.
Will blip our wall when it’s all done.

Good opportunity to try to find the other painted walls,,, blipped HERE   and the extra is the first one in 2010 on top (Tatum and Oskar)  and bottom in 2017 when the girls and I  had to repaint this wall which was replaced . 

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