Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

My Mom

Kind of uninspired and tired today …. I did enjoy the quiet and got some chores done. However... building my Adobe portfolio isn’t so very intuitive  ..So I thought I’d just post this old  (87)  painting of my Mom in honor of Mother’s day yesterday. It also hangs by the sewing machine. (Near this one of my Dad)   but it was a dull wall photo so I framed it in flowers in honor of her green thumb (which alas, I did Not inherit)… with her Brittany spaniel.   
Our mayor has just announced that starting next week everyone should be wearing masks outside !   We’ll see how that goes.  ..  Not enforceable I don’t think.   But I might be sewing a few more, which also makes me think of her as she was a better seamstress than I.

Added this extra especially for Kayakgirl who wondered why, in my blip of the bridge construction, there were trucks lined with plastic and was there contaminated material involved.    Today we watched this thing with the jaws descend into that big pipe and come up dripping water, with the mud that is being dumped into the plastic lined truck.  This was a coal fired steam plant until the 70s so I think contaminated material is correct. 

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