Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Mothers Day, Covid style.

What an unexpected treat!   In a normal year we would all meet at gasworks park for a picnic (HERE, last year)and most ( not all) of us would get fish and chips from nearby Ivar’s seafood bar.  Well, we’re all pretty much following the quarantine  rules and one is not supposed to picnic, but keep moving if in a park.   So Eric offered to bring it to us!   For a quickie visit at the front of the condo.  ( they said they weren’t going to stay so we didn’t set up any chairs and there were lots of people and neighbors around) . But this was very fun and I just managed a few candids with the phone which shows what a beautiful day it was, too.   And the gorgeous roses.  ( we also exchanged bottle of wine... the exact same one!!) Nice card and wishes from the other son as well.   We are fortunate...what nice sons... I’m sure they are happy and interested to keep us well and independent! :-)
And I was able to give Anne two new masks I  just made for her parents who need some,,,, so that was good.  ( she didn’t know where to get some ..didn’t realize I made the one she’s wearing.... :-))   And then they watch the Michael Jordan documentary at home.    ....boys love the basketball of course and we were all at a Bulls game in Chicago a few years ago so they know the place...
A different Mother’s Day for sure... for the Covid spring album.

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