Since the current pandemic began, I've been taking part in the Covid-19 Symptom Tracker Study being run by University College. Because I've been experiencing a few symptoms which can be caused by Covid-19, I was asked to go and have a test, which took place at 8 a.m. this morning. 

The nearest drive-through centre is only a couple of miles away from me at the East of England Showground, and I arrived in good time, along with many others. The whole operations was very well-organised, with minimal contact, though the test itself is quite unpleasant. I didn't do very well sampling my tonsils, thanks to a very strong gag reflex, but hopefully did better with sampling my nostrils. Certainly my nose felt as though I'd been punched for much of the rest of the day!

I spent the day quietly at home, with a couple of quick forays round the garden to do a bit of light weeding and take some photographs. This is the central part of an Alexanders umbel, where the petal-less flowers seemed to have a marked similarity to the spikes on a coronavirus. I'm hoping that the test comes back clear and that I start feeling a bit better, as I'm supposed to be working again soon! 

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