Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

Small Duckling

Furlough Day 30 13.05.20

(I have just uploaded my blip, but it didn't load and I can't be bothered to rewrite the whole thing)

Mainly an up and down day in Furlough land...

My Estate Agent found out this morning that its not my 'Seller' but the person who is selling their house to him, who has bought a different property (and none of the searches have been done yet so its unlikely now we will move at the end of the month)...

Anyway, went for a 'socially distanced' dog walk over the golf course with my friend.  There were two broods of ducklings on the water.  The other brood was much shyer!

Afterwards I went shopping at the supermarket.  There was surprisingly absolutely no queue and I got straight in, but shelves are still quite empty...

Now I'm watching the 'Great British Sewing Bee' :)

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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