By Porkybrown

20 20 in 2020?

I went to a few 20 20 cricket matches last year at Grace Road (Leicestershire's ground) - an excuse to meet up with an old pal or two, my lad came along as well, we had a couple of beers and watched a bit of cricket. We'd planned to go a little further afield and watch our county side in action against Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge this year on June 13th. But will there be any 20 20 in 2020?

The local village ground at Great Bowden was very quiet this evening when the quintessential sound of leather on willow might normally have been heard as the sides knocked themselves into shape for the season. Everything is well cared for and ready - lets hope it's effort that has not been in vain. 

Again, though, it makes me realise how lucky we are. We can look forward to sandwiches, a couple of beers, banter and a game to shout about - hopefully some time this summer, local village or county level. But in my emails I pick up an appeal of a different kind - it points out that many in the world right now have nothing to eat and bleak prospects of doing so - can I help? By 'our' standards I'm not wealthy, by theirs I'm a billionaire. A few mouse clicks later the numbers in my account have changed just a little and I have, I hope, 'helped'. I'm then left to ponder my selfishness - my luck - my little universe - until somewhere an umpire calls "Over!" and the world starts again. 

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