By Teasel


After the heat of yesterday, we couldn’t believe the chill of today.  The change in the weather had been forecast, but was still quite a shock.  It was weather for soup, so that is what I did – made a big pot of soup to last a few days.  I also made some progress with my book.  After reading four books when I had a week off, I think have been reading the same book ever since.  I am enjoying it, but not making much progress, until today.

We eventually braved the chill, went for a walk.  TT and BB had shorts on, along with winter coats.  I was sensible and wore long trousers. We had a nice walk.  We parted and went our separate ways at one point, as I wanted to walk a wee bit further than them, in a direction we haven’t walked in recent times.  I got good views of the cruise ships in the Forth (extra).

TT was on tea tonight and made my favourite prawn and courgette curry.

The evening passed all too quickly, with some flurries of snow, and with some very mixed messaging from the PM, but more straightforward messaging from the FM. Good to hear we can leave the house to exercise more than once a day now.  I will need to work out a new routine.

I spotted this rainbow at the end of a farm road.

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