Another working week begins.  Now that the restrictions on exercise have lifted I need a new routine.  Back just before lockdown was imposed, I had planned on an early morning walk, but only managed it once.  I think I need to get back to that, but that will involve getting up earlier, and I am really struggling to get out of my bed in the mornings.  I need a plan.

Today, TT had a couple of really important video meetings, so we swapped desks to make sure the internet didn’t let him down. 

I logged off earlier than usual, cobbled some tea together and then headed out for my daily exercise.  I will have to stop calling it that as we can now exercise as much as we want. 

I noticed that it is not a tattie field at all, so have updated my blip.  I’m not sure what they are growing, but will keep an eye on it - there is already signs of life.  There was a parsnip field nearby last year.  Maybe it's more parsnips.
The path along the top of the fields as lots of plantain growing beside it.

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