Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Just our luck

now that we are free
(or at least more than before)
cold and damp weather

Work in the morning, groceries in the afternoon. I thought I'd ordered our shopping online so someone would come and put it all in the car's bonnet, but apparently I clicked the wrong button and had to collect the many plastic bags from a locker at the back of the shop - I could have done without the carrying, I can tell you, especially as I had to go into the shop for the few things you can't buy online. Got some fresh strawberries that are grown 2 km from our home, I hope they'll be as good as they look and smell!

Some reading in the afternoon (deep into Ambrose Parry's The Way of All Flesh which I mentioned a few days ago, it's a really good read), and a very interesting TV show in the evening, one we watch infrequently, depending on who the guests are. The show is called The Great Bookshop, and on Wednesday it featured three philosophers: André Comte-Sponville (I've liked him for a very long time, and he has surpassed himself during our lockdown), Cynthia Fleury (she is also a psychoanalyst, and describes herself as a clinical philosopher, in the same way there are clinical psychologists - she's head of the philosophy department at Saint Anne's, a university hospital for mental health - her main work that was discussed in the show was The End of Courage, but also a pamphlet she published during lockdown, titled Tech Rehearsal), and Etienne Klein (a physicist and philosopher of science). They talked at length about what lockdown has meant and what will possibly come out of the current pandemic crisis. Gripping. I'll watch it again because I want to take a few notes (more than the book titles I have already jotted down - or rather, typed).

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