Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Hopefully it'll pass

sharp pain in my hand
hopefully nothing too bad
yes - this too shall pass

Pain has been flaring up again in my left side, from my shoulder blade to the end of my fingers. I know what this pain is, and I can manage it. I just hope it doesn't mean something wrong is happening in my spine again, though I doubt it because if it was, the pain would most likely have surged somewhere else.

Most likely, a bad position I took while reading in an armchair a few days ago is the cause for a new inflammation of the damaged nerves and they're reacting in the only way they know of...

I'll try and contact my neurosurgeon to ask if he thinks I'm due an MRI, just to check out on things. After all, the last one I had was in September or October. It was most reassuring and I don't see what could have made things turn the other way.

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