By evolybab

Abstract Thursday...Foliage

A beautiful day, sunshine  and a clear blue sky after a cold night again with frost....which has finished off the runner beans that had just  come  up...booo. Will have to get some more in at the weekend.
Feeling very lackadaisical today, although I did put the hoover round and managed to book a slot for a supermarket delivery on Saturday. At least G won't have to worry about me this week:)
Took a couple of shots of the hydrangea leaves with some ceanothus poking up in between, and gave it an edit in Snapseed...thanks to Ingeborg for hosting:)
The flapjacks were fabulous by the way, even though I say it myself, packed with fruit and nuts and seeds, a million times better than the stodgy shop bought ones:)

Many thanks for looking in and responding x

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