Shady Character

A lot nicer weather today and when I was getting ready to close the gates to the branch this evening I spotted this moth sitting on the gate enjoying the sun. I grabbed a couple of shots blip sorted. I know I have blipped this particular type before but they are always nice to see.
Back home now for what I thought would be a relaxing evening but no I'm rather feed up and annoyed . As some of you know we had booked a hotel to go to Newcastle next weekend for the Rugby but due to covid-19  hotels are shut and the rugby is postponed . I have been in touch with and they say the room can be cancelled but I cant get my money back only a voucher for the full value to spend at the same hotel within the next 12 annoyed is the polite way of putting it. I had hopped paypal would help me out but they are not interested as it was paid for more than 180 days ago so not covered by them either.

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