Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

Another day mostly spent on my feet. First I did small chores in Greenhouse 2, then coworkers  and I sorted out flower pots that would be repriced to a much lower price, 5 SEK each. While coworkers repriced the pots, I went down into the basement to look for large wooden boxes, while there I help our second boss to do some small stuff. After the break I went into Greenhouse 1 to cut town some of the summer plants we have loads of. They were cut down so they will regrow to sturdier plants and we have some to sell when those in Greenhouse 2 are sold. It looks rather brutal when they are cut down, but it is for the best.
And then a coworker and I went to the gym for our Friday Workout. We both think it's really nice to workout together again.
So very tired now. :D

My contribution to Flower Friday. Thanks BikerBear for hosting! :)

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