Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I headed out onto the Bank again, now that I've successfully rewired my brain to take me there by a perfectly sensible route with no narrow walkways.

It was a bit blowy but there were a few butterflies about: Large White, Orange-tip, Holly Blue and this Small Copper. I had another fleeting glimpse of what might have been something else, perhaps the "might be a Brown Argus" from the weekend, but it eluded me again.  I checked the Purple Hairstreak oak tree for caterpillars but didn't find any. Further along, last year's surprise local discovery, a bug by the name of Melanocoryphus superbus , which in the UK is supposed to only be found in the Channel Islands, is out again (extra).

And thanks to a 05:00 start I managed to finish my report for its deadline, so I can have have a more anxiety-free weekend as a result.

Having chosen this image, I'm now curious about the plenty that the Small Copper is resting in. Any suggestions?

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