By suehutton

Our Key Worker

I was so pleased to see this guy. I'd booked a Tesco home delivery slot almost three weeks ago for essentials such as wine and prosecco, plus a few other things as well.

As you can see, beautiful evening light.

I returned just one item - the eye cream that the picker had substituted for face cream. There is a difference. And how someone could confuse a bland, tasteless Warburton's Sour Dough bread for a seed packed wholemeal Festive Fiesta puzzles me. But the prosecco is here.

I went up to Ann's late this morning to photograph some of the flowers in her garden, and managed to view the second half of Cats, the stage musical version, streaming on YouTube this evening for the next 24 hours.

Some of those commenting asked, 'What's the story?' Obviously they didn't know about T S Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

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