By dreaming

Lovely still

Since I spent most of the day sitting with my leg extended, ice pack on my knee, I wasn't in a position to go seeking photographs. But I saw that the flowers that I blipped the other day have now opened fully and remain beautiful.

So it was a day for sitting and talking on the phone. I had long conversations with Gena and Terri, and with cousin Sashie, who was walking on a windswept beach as we talked. Now that Florida is opening up completely on Monday, she's concerned about what she should do about working outside her home. She is a yoga and fitness trainer who has been doing Zoom classes from her home but she needs to have more hours of work. It's a difficult decision because her wife has several serious health conditions and Sashie doesn't want to put her at risk. I hope she's able to work out a solution.

Lex was able to visit the babies today, to hold and feed, and change diapers. And of course to hug Manda. She'll be going there twice a week from now on to help out and watch those babies grow. I'm so envious!

I'm hoping that when I wake up tomorrow my knee will be less swollen and it won't hurt as much to stand on it.

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