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By HeidiAndDolly

Lockdown Day 53 - Chasing The Sun

I had quite a productive day once I finally chained myself to my desk - working on some things I should have been working on in the last few weeks. I didn’t go on a bike ride today as I wanted to get right to work.

By late afternoon I was ready to enjoy my garden. It’s been cooler this week but still warm enough - just - to sit outside if in a sun trap. In the late afternoon I start on my patio and then when that’s in the shade I move to the edge of my grassy area in front of my summer house until the sun goes behind the roof of the house. I realised yesterday that if I actually go sit IN my summerhouse (a glorified shed, actually), then I get another 20-30 minutes of sun on my face. I’ve only lived here 13 years and never figured that out before. Maybe it’s because life had always been too busy before now?

Anyway - it’s a cosy, pretty spot amongst the greenery. Maybe I should ‘glamp’ it up a bit more.

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