By JohnW

Invisible Black Background

A couple of weeks back Madwill tried out producing an ‘invisible black background’ using flash and the camera completely stopped down.  I thought I would give that technique a try myself, so what’s so silly about that you may ask.  Well try doing it with a willow tree with a strong breeze blowing.
To start with I could not remember how to set my flashgun to ‘slave’ - that was the word I had forgotten . . .
Then I found that the EOS R still found light when stopped right down to f22 and shutter speed 200th (max flash sync), but a bit of positioning found a couple of dark spots, actually better than I thought while I was shooting.
So I changed subject and shot the nut feeder at the front of the house out of the wind.  I was going to use that, but as it worked out one of the willow shots was reasonable so you have got that and the nuts at extra.

Best seen in large.
Many thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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