The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

A Very Full Day

I'm posting this on Saturday. There just wasn't time to process and upload photos on the day. And what a day it was. It started with a drive-by at the Dementia Support Northwest office. Shelly and I were the first car to drive by. I wore my silly cat mask and Shelly his green one. We waved and I meowed at the four gals who were there with signs to greet us: Joann, the head of the organization, Leslie, nurse extraordinaire, and Betsy and Glenda, wonderful volunteers. Later Betsy told me there were at least 15 cars and some carried signs popping out of the top of their car's roof window.

Shelly and I had a break and separate lunches and then we headed off to Semiahmoo in Blaine where we took a long walk along the road above the beach. I took lots of photos as we walked. There were two herons along the way. And a very bold rabbit let me walk right up to her as she nibbled on the delicious grass. Even when she hopped away she didn't go far. We saw another later that hot footed it out of the scene before I could even grab a photo. As we approached the big pier I heard a lady making seal noises to her kids. As I looked more closely I could see that there was a blanket of seals lying on the pier. Funny creatures they are.

Shelly and I picked up Thai dinner at Busara and took it to my house. We had time for a leisurely dinner before the "Crazy Ladies" zoom that included our friend Janet who is currently staying in Canada with her daughter. We can't see her in person because the border is closed and they've extended the closure for another month. I get it given our COVID statistics here in the US. Anyhow we all talked and giggled and fussed about getting everybody online for almost two hours. Shelly patiently sat on the couch listening to a book and waiting to finish our evening with some Britbox TV. Right now we are watching "Frankie" among other shows. We had a wonderful day together. 

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