By biddy

Well uh Splish Splash I was takin' a bath.........

I can just remember the last few years of Rock n Roll. before becoming a fullblown 1960's teenager, in the age of the Beatles, Billy J Kramer, The Searchers, The Hollies, Wayne Fontana and  Mind Benders, Freddy and the Dreamers..............the fabulous Swinging Sixties.......
      As I watched this starling enjoying his bath, it reminded me of an old Bobby Darin song from the era of Rock n Roll. The title of this blip.
It has been becoming gradually warmer today and the  biting wind has abated. 
I've done a little bit of gardening today which I enjoyed, Later this afternoon I drove with Stephen to one of our local Garden Centres as it opened again today.
  We went along an hour before closing time. 
The whole thing was well organised, with hand sanitisers at a cbeckpoint on entering. The staff were wearing masks and gloves, with perspex screens at their checkouts, and perspex visors for their faces.
    The queue wasn't very long, with floor markings for where to stand when waiting to go in, and then to come out. 
You were not allowed in without a trolley, which was sprayed and wiped before being allocated.
It was so lovely to wander around outside once more, amongst the array of plants and garden accessories. 
The staff  were cheerful and greeted everyone with a smile.
Glad to be back, inspite of the restrictions.  
I needed a bag of compost, having emptied our supply out all round the garden, when I emptied our "Tardis" bin. 
     I'm slowly clearing and sorting out what was once a rockery which is now overgrown. 
We had our tea in the summerhouse. 
I have reset the Trail Camera ready for this evening.
Last night I said to Stephen that I'd better go and sort out the hedgehog food pellets, as it was gone 10.00 pm. 
As I got to the top of the garden I extinguished my torch, as he was already there having a drink 
He curled up into a ball. 
So I waited a little while and then scattered the pellets, and came back indoors.Leaving him to uncurl and have his treats!  
They had all gone this morning.
         It's a beautiful evening as I write this and the blackbird is singing in the maple tree.   

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