By biddy

My favourite coffee stop place!

I’ve had a busy day today!
This morning hubby went into the Office for the day for the first time since my Op.
I did my circular walk with the coffee stop, and added a toasted tea cake to it!
2.5miles altogether.
I was waiting for the tea cake to arrive when I took the photo.
This afternoon I drove the car for the first time, to the Garden Centre, which was heaving!
The friend I usually collected to take there after her stroke can now drive her car!
So for the first time since my Op it was a milestone marker for me, and for her it was a great achievement.
We were there an hour, as I set myself a time limit.
Hubby arrived home at 5.00pm.
It has been the last of the beautiful days.
Now the weather has begun to change and this evening is noticeably cooler.

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