Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Finalist: World's Cutest Rodent

I woke up tired today, so didn't get much done.  However, I did get that infernal water feature going and will get a photo tomorrow.  Never has one little fountain caused so much angst, I'm sure.

In between futzing about with the fountain, I was endlessly distracted by the wild antics of chipmunks.  (Okay, maybe part of the reason the fountain took so long is that I kept grabbing my camera).  Many youngsters are out and about now, exploring their world, learning how to be chipmunks.  I watched two tumble around in the grass together locked in combat until one flew about 8 inches into the air and roared away.  Xena was working overtime fighting a losing battle to keep the entire patio for herself.  Hilarity all around.  Today's shot is one of the juveniles, up in our cherry tree snacking on something.  

I had a long nap this afternoon, and now watching today's briefing by the NJ governor.  Starting tomorrow, boat rentals and fishing charters will be allowed to operate, with precautions.  Data determines dates.  Stay the course, Governor, and just ignore the nay-sayers.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  Be kind.


Covid Stats
Total positives as of today in NJ - 145,089
Total deaths in NJ - 10,249
Total cases in Sussex County - 1053 ---  deaths - 137

Today is Day 73 since NJ's first case of Covid 19 was diagnosed

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