Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

# 24

Continuing my 2020 yardbirds project, this is the 24th species I've been able to blip this year - the Eastern Wood Pewee.  It took me a little by surprise for several reasons - 1) it's a little early for them to be here, and 2) it was remarkably silent.  The latter probably means it was just passing through on its way further north (most birds don't start singing until they are on their breeding territory.)  Either way, it was a nice way to start the day.  And while I always hear these dimunitive flycatchers in our woods, I don't always see them so some years they don't make it into my visual yard record.  

Other big news in the garden today...

1)  The two male orioles who've been hanging around for the last week were joined by a female.  The more mature of the two males immediately chased the younger male away and has been escorting the female to and from the oranges all day, with some breaks for singing and chattering.  I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I hold out some hope that they may nest nearby.  Wouldn't that be grand?

2)  The 8 baby chickadees are all doing well and getting some good feather growth.  A little over a week before they are ready to fledge

3)  The new Missus Bluebird has started laying eggs!!  I watched her go in the box this morning and shortly after the male brought her a huge caterpillar which he handed/beaked to her in the box.  Only one reason he'd do this - she was in there laying an egg.  Sure enough, when they both left I found two beautiful perfect blue eggs inside.  Mister has been busy chasing squirrels and providing more tasty treats to Missus, which bodes well for his ability to care for the young.  

4)  Had a very good catch-up call with my parents this morning.  Like all of us, the stress of being locked down is being felt, but they are able to get out almost every day for walks which certainly helps.

5)  Had a lovely video chat with fellow blipper wwombat in Australia last evening.  It was so nice to see her face and hear her voice, and to get a little tour of Wombat Hollow.  Thank you, dear Barb.

I've posted two more shots on Flickr, starting HERE - female oriole and male bluebird with giant caterpillar. Worth a look.

I am going to stop daily Covid updates and instead update every few days.  Our numbers are still frighteningly high, but most definitely moving in the right direction. 

Stay the course, everyone.  Stay safe. Social distance, Masks when appropriate.  And above all, be kind, to yourself and to others.


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