Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

What happened?

Today I am posting Yard Bird # 35, the bouncy House Wren.  They've been here nearly a month, filling the yard with song.  This nest box had 3 eggs in it several days ago, but today when I went to check it, there were no eggs - they were all on the ground under the box, broken.  The box has a predator guard so I know the only thing that could have done this is another bird.  My best guess is that a rival male House Wren showed up and, in his attempt to take over the female, he destroyed her nest (yes, they do that, as a way to ensure genetic superiority).  The other option would be House Sparrows, but I find that doubtful as I've not had them hanging around lately.  

When I approached the box to check it, this little head popped out.  Was it the mother, wondering where her eggs were?  Or was it a male, looking to take over the nest?  A mystery...

It is shaping up to be kind of a strange nesting season here.  The bluebirds have, thus far, not started a nest although a male periodically visits the box they have historically used, stopping to sing and going in and out of the box. Conversely, I am estimated that there are at least 4 catbird pairs nesting around the property.  The chickadees are not using any of the nest boxes, but have a sight somewhere in the woods.  

After a major computer meltdown this afternoon, I have finally gotten my powerpoint for tonight's Costa Rica presentation loaded on Hubs' laptop.  Nothing like a little stress to set the tone.  

I did some major housework today, after a good workout at the gym.  So, sort of a double workput, if you consider vacuuming and mopping to be a form of exercise. I consider them to be a form of torture, but that is beside the point.



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