Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Rainy Day Romance

Another day without power which means I'm using the mac tethered to my iPhone to post this.  Meaning that I won't be as wordy as usual!

It was pouring rain again this morning so I retired to the hide where I was relatively dry and had a front-row view of the garden.  I saw my first fledgling of the year, a rather cute Mourning Dove who was being completely ignored by everyone.  And a 2nd year male Baltimore Oriole who was around all day, noshing on oranges.  Either of those would have made an excellent blip, but when I spotted the female cardinal sitting on the shepard's crook while her mate was at the feeder... I know I was about to get lucky.  Sure enough, after selecting just the perfect seed, he hopped over to the perch and very tenderly fed her.  I think this is probably the best shot I've gotten of cardinals pair-feeding - usually they aren't both on the same focal plane as these two are.  My lucky day.

Hubs and I took a nap this afternoon as we were both feeling tired.  And bored - it's amazing what all you can't do without power, water, internet and in the rain.  Even when it finally stopped raining, we didn't want to do any gardening because we knew we'd get dirty ...and with no water, that's a challenge.

Off to meet some good friends for dinner - very much looking forward to seeing them!


PS - see Extra for Oriole and Mourning Dove kid

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