Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Nature's Own Herbicide

So, who needs herbicides when you have eastern cottontail rabbits?  After several years of rarely seeing rabbits around our garden, last summer we started seeing a lot again.  And this spring the numbers are looking good too.  They love dandelions in particular, which works out well since 1) we have loads of dandelions, and 2) Hubs doesn't like dandelions.  I chose this shot because the rabbit was just about to devour the bright yellow blossom.  He/she went on to follow the colorful main course with a nice salad of mixed dandelion greens.  Perfect.

Flossie the Patio chipmunk has definitely tossed her two offspring out of the den, which means she's soon going to get ready for her second and final brood of the year.  She sits on a cluster of big pots on the deck, near her burrow, and chips loudly and any and all invaders.  When chipping doesn't suffice, she flies off her perch and chases off her victims.  It's hilarious to watch.  I'll put a shot of her in Extra - she's on her perch next to the parsley, having a little face-wash.

Our electricity came back on at 6 last night, just before we left to meet our friends for dinner.  They got a text around 7 from their son saying that their power had just been restored.  Giving us all reason to raise several glasses to toast our good fortune.  Very nice have running water and lights!

Tonight I am off to give a 45-minute presentation on Monarch Butterflies.  My slide presentation is looking great thanks to Hubs' help, and I've got an assortment of "show-n-tell" items for people who are interested in raising monarchs.  Should be fun, and gets me in the mood for raising butterflies later this summer.

Thanks for sending my cardinals to the pops page - hopefully I'll soon be seeing Papa feeding youngsters.  

My besty, Kura, is coming out for a visit tomorrow so I've got Prosecco and a nice bottle of French Rose chilling and dominoes at the ready.  Can't wait to see her.


And I just read that our country has had yet another school shooting.  I'm horrified, saddened, and sickened.  And I wonder when enough will be enough?

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