Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

It's a Mimid sort of day...

As in the family Mimidae, or Mimic Thrush...specifically this lovely Gray Catbird.  We have catbirds who arrive each spring and set up territory on our property.  Like the other two members of the Mimic Thrush family in our area (Brown Thrashers and Northern Mockingbirds), they are accomplished mimics and have an extensive vocabulary.  But whereas Brown Thrashers repeat each "song" twice, and Mockingbirds three times, Catbirds just repeat their song once.  And they do so very frequently throughout the day and into the early evening hours.  One of their characteristic noises is a cat-like meow, which gives them their name.

So, this year we have 3 pairs who are constantly chasing each other around and striking "terrifying" poses which involve a massive fluffing of feathers and a head raised skyward while making their most extensive repertoire of noises.  It's quite funny to watch and never fails to make me smile.  Today, yet another day of torrential rains, has resulted in all the birds spending less time posturing and more time eating.  I snapped this drenched catbird just before he/she approached the suet feeder.

This is Yardbird #33 to be blipped this year.  You can click on my yardbird tag below to see them all. 

I am happy to report that my monarch presentation was extremely well received last night - in fact, the club president sent me a note this morning saying it was one of the best presentations they've had.  Feeling pretty chuffed about that, especially since I've not done any public speaking in the past few years and feared I might be rusty.  And it also got me excited about this years Monarch Project!

My besty, Kura will be here later this afternoon.  Given the wet, chilly weather, we'll opt to stay in and probably play some rousing games of Mexican Train dominoes, while quaffing Prosecco.  

Signing off from wet New Jersey...


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