Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I saw my first six-spotted tiger beetle of the year this morning on my bird walk (along with 22 species of birds).  I don't often get any decent photo ops of this beetle as they tend to fly away when you approach.  As luck would have it, I had my 300 mm lens on the camera, so I took the shot from a safe distance and cropped the bejezus out of it.  It was a fun morning with a nice group of birders.

My presentation last night was extremely well received.  In fact, I was hired on the spot to do the same presentation to another group, so that's a good sign.  And, I got paid, which is always nice.

Mom and Dad are due to arrive within the next couple of hours, having completed the cross-country trip from Oregon.  I'm SO looking forward to spending time together!

Over and out...


PS:   And I think I've solved the wren next mystery.  There is a male out there today, working feverishly on the nest, taking frequent breaks to sing.  And on the other side of the property is another male and mate.  This probably isn't going to end well as wrens are extremely territorial, but we will see.  I took the nest box down to examine it and was surprised to see that not only had all the eggs been removed, but also all the feathers that were lining the nest, which I find strange.

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