By HClaireB


There’s a vineyard about 2 miles away which make sparkling wine and cider. We should have been at a matched cheese, wine and cider tasting in the wine cellar on Friday evening, with the cheeses supplied by the local deli. Needless to say the tasting was off but the vigneron delivered yesterday for home tasting a bottle of white “champagne”, a bottle of pink “champagne” , a bottle of cider, 6 wedges of different cheeses, some crackers and relish, and a set of tasting notes :-). We made a start at lunch time today with this bottle of 2014 vintage cider. It uses all the spare apples that the village contributes and it’s made in the same stainless steel vats as the “champagne” and it’s very good! We tasted with it the Rutland Red, the only Red Leicester made in Leicestershire, and a delicious Caerphilly. Only 2 more bottles and 4 more cheeses to go...

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