By PaulaJ

Quiz night

Every week we have got together as a family on Zoom and had a chat and a quiz. Today we ran the quiz and I included a sort of treasure hunt where the teams had to find things, such as a spoon, something you can put in your pocket, something beginning with L. Everyone loved it and entered into it enthusiastically, especially the girls. 

Here is a quieter moment - not a good picture, perhaps someone knows how to take photos from the screen. But I need to record this event, as it has become an important part of our family week. The girls get dressed up for it and are always ready before the rest of us. Maisie, the middle one, was looking quite glamorous and the extra shows the logo she made for her team, which is her and her Mum - Flying Bananas

(The sheets of paper behind Ella are everyone's daily timetables.) 

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