I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ....

... Jacobsburg collage ... plus a Gray Catbird!

I was inspired by a fellow blipper to buy this silly tee shirt when I saw some she had posted a couple of weeks ago.  And once I got this in hand I wanted to wait until Silly Saturday to wear it!  The silly ironic part of this shirt is the fact that for someone to see/read it you can't "stay at home"!

In this case ... we are at Jacobsburg State Park where we took our walk today.  We weren't surprised to find the park crowded beyond the limits of proper social distancing! But we once again took a less popular trail and didn't encounter too many people.  

As we were walking we kept hearing a strange bird call ... one we didn't recognize.  R used his bird call identification app to identify the bird and it came back as a Great-crested Flycatcher ... a first for us.  We stalk him for a bit and I got some pictures of him .... the upper left picture is the best I could do however.  I'm posting this more of a record for myself than anything else. 

Backblipped: May 18, 2020 ... so no COVID-19 stats today. 

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