By HeidiHH

19052020 67th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

Today's been all about house maintnance.
We got the window cleaners to clean the big window. They were supposed to come last week, but with all the rain we got all over, they suggested new date for this week.

Then I oiled the wooden chairs and the wooden plates we have in the yard.

Then I went to get the paint we have on our houses from Jen (she's offered before) and I painted over the spots we've broken with whatever has hit the wall. It looks so much better.

I gave Jen some epoxy resing hearts (in the picture) as a thank you for the paint borrowing.

Now we are waiting for the time slot so we can go out with the dogs, as we want to take them further once a day and do it together. So we have to wait for the clock to hit 8 pm.

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