By HeidiHH

20052020 68th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

Picture from our morning walk to the lighthouse. We did the brisk 12km and got home 10:02.

After that it's been pretty boring day with laundry, cleaning, washing some windows (project still in progress), cleaning floors, some gardening. It sounds impressive, but in the heat (27°C in the shade) it's just been more like fiddling with a little bit of this and that. Just doing some easy stuff. Except the window cleaning. That was sweaty.

And so was our morning walk.

Oh, I've also been trying to heal my heels. I've got such painful blisters, but when you got scheduled slot to go out, you use it no matter what. Every evening we wait restlessly until it's 8 pm and we can go out again. Such is life.

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