As the sun rises earlier Nelson wakes us up earlier. Today again we were up before 7 and walking with the dogs at 7:30. I get so much done before noon, but then I'm tired after 5 pm.

Today I went shopping with Jennifer. Kind of shopping. First we visited the upcoming charity shop uphill and I Jen found some decorative paintings for herself and some brand new baby dresses for a friend's granddaughter. Her total was 6€. I just took few more dresses for my wall to sell.

Then we went to the other charity shop where I went through all the CDs and Jen found a frame for the painting she bough in Rome. My total was 6€ and I don't remember what she paid for the frame. We were really spending it today :-)

So the picture today. It's the CD's I bought. And it's a hint of what's about to happen tomorrow.

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