Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Mallards and viaduct

Two mallards are dabbling at the edge of the main channel, though this may need to be viewed in large to see them.  After a wet night and an overcast day, the sky cleared before sunset for a last view of the sun. There were no trains at this time crossing the estuary on the viaduct.

The village is still quiet of an evening, there were few people walking on the prom and the shore.  That may be different today as I write this as Wednesday has turned into a scorching hot day.  But this night, I was on my own at my usual convenient location with just the electric crackle of the house martins, the screams of swifts and the piping of a small flock of oystercatchers. We are so fortunate to live here, particularly at this time.

I shall have to try and get my blips uploaded the day the photographs are taken, as increasingly I find it hard to remember what happened the day before, the days do all merge together.  The main event, I suppose, was poor Gus having yet another tummy upset, which is why I was so tired then and today because of the late night/early morning scrambles to take him out. He's in good spirits now, but it's still not settled. We had no idea what set it off this time.

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