Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The Arnside Pied Fox appears from the morning mist on top of Arnside Knott, next to Arnside Simon's beech tree.

A fine day had been promised after the dampness of the previous two days, so I was expecting a misty start. As so often, the low lying land below the Knott was filled with cloud (see extra).  It was a hot, almost summery day, and we had a socially distanced visitor who arrived on her new e-bike that made light work of the hill to the house.  How lovely to see a friend in person and enjoy tea and Mrs G's cake in the sunshine.

Since this is a milestone, five year's worth of blips squeezed into nearly 10 years, I can reveal one of the Knott's secrets. The Arnside Pied Fox is not a unique, endemic species. Well, he is unique and he is seen primarily on or around the Knott, but in fact he is none other than our trusty collie friend, Gus. Not many people knew that.

The poor lad looks quite tired here, he has been suffering with his upset stomach and advancing years are slowing him down. He is ever willing though, and as long as he keenly gets up first thing in the morning with a wagging tail, then we shall continue to do our walk to the top of the hill before breakfast.

When there have been so many days missed, it seems a bit arbitrary to mark the 5 year blip. What I will do though is say thank you to all those blippers past and present who have given me so much encouragement over the last 10 years. Without you there would be no Arnside and Beyond.

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