Summer Orienteering (rainbow 2)

Härnösand Orienteering club, supported by commercial sponsors and the local council, has just released the first map of this summer's challenge. There are 30 points to find on this map, some easy (junction of two paths) and others not so easy (300m from the nearest feature, in deep forest). All of them are in the area around the beach at Smitingen. If you want to see what the detailed map looks like here's a link. The extra shows how the points are marked, with an aluminium stake. This one was fairly easy to find, next to the steep rocks.
Today I was planning to just take a quick look and find a couple of easy points to get me going. I didn't have a compass with me, but for these simple points that wouldn't be a problem.
As usual once I started I got caught up in the just-one-more-point fever and eventually found myself on top of one of the hills. A few spots of rain fell and this rainbow appeared, very photogenic I thought, probably make a good blip!
I should have taken the hint and headed back to the car because 30 minutes later it tipped it down!  With the car only 5 minutes away, and me very damp, I noticed the map was a final point only 150 meters away. It was in the "difficult" section of the list but how hard can it be to find a point that close? After 45 minutes of pushing my way through rain soaked branches, finding ankle-deep pools hidden under the moss and really wishing I'd brought that compass with me, I finally found the marker, checkpoint 30, code... Well, that would be giving it away wouldn't it!
I think Jan was a little surprised that I arrived home wet, muddy and thoroughly bedraggled when I'd just popped out for a bit of shopping and a quick walk!
Only 25 points left to find on this map...

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