By dfb24


...caught the Baltimore Oriole! After all the rain the past three days, the container with the orange and jelly were overflowing with twigs, dead bugs and water, so I dumped it all out onto the ground and "reloaded" it with a fresh orange and more jelly. My bag of unsalted nuts finally came so I filled up the peanut feeder too, then went in the house and sat right by the front window with my camera. I was amazed at how many birds I saw--the Nuthatch came twice to eat the peanuts, and two different downy woodpeckers came for the peanuts as well. The American goldfinch, both the male and female, made an appearance. I saw a really small humming bird--about the size of a thumb-- but couldn't catch it with the camera, and later saw a little larger hummer that I've included in the collage. I think, based on the internet, that it's an "Anna's humming bird", but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Whatever it is, I was thrilled as I never see hummers here. I caught it up in the tree as I was too slow to catch it in flight. Then I saw a flash of orange and swung my camera up, only to see the squirrel eating the orange I'd dumped on the ground, only this time it had taken it up in the tree to eat. I had to include that one as I thought it was so cute. Then another flash of orange, but it didn't have enough of the orange to be an Oriole. I couldn't get a picture of it because it kept going behind the branches, but I looked it up and am sure it was an American Redstart; another new one for me. And then, finally, the Oriole came to the feeder! I had to laugh at how it was standing, as when it bent for jelly it looked like it was doing ballet moves while holding onto the bar. Sunny and warmer today so I went for a walk while I could. The weather shows sun through Friday, and then 7 days of thunderstorms/rain, which I can only pray is inaccurate or we may need an ark for the basement! :)))

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