By dfb24

An ant...

...for TinyTuesday, and thanks to Wendy/wrperry for hosting this month. 
It's still raining, but my weather app shows sun tomorrow, thank goodness, as everything is beyond soggy! I noticed this morning that two tall columns of my hyacinth plant had toppled over onto the ground, so when there was a brief break in the rain, I ran out and cut the stems, thinking I'd bring them into the house. I'm glad I looked at them first as they had lots of ants crawling on them.  Instead of taking them inside I just stuck them in a glass in the back porch to take my blip, then put them back outside, as that way both the ants and I were happy. I spent time going through some of our things we have stored in the basement, and now I have a big pile to drop off at Goodwill once it opens back up. Feels good to get rid of some stuff that we haven't used in ages & obviously don't need.  :))

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