By dfb24

Day Two...

...of our three days of forecast rain, only today we have fog as well and temps in the mid 40's (F). ( & lest any of you think I was holding my camera on an angle and didn't straighten the picture, this is all on a hill which slopes to the right.)  We've still got a leak in the basement but at least the water has angled itself toward the drain, so we're just letting it run its' course as we can't keep up with the mopping. It'll stop when the rain stops and then we can fix it. I had a couple of things to do today, so took this picture on the way to the first stop. Next I went to the garden center, thinking that with the nasty weather there wouldn't be many people there.  WRONG.  But, it's a huge area, I wore a mask as did the staff and most of the people inside, and the other shoppers were really good at staying apart from each other. I usually don't go until after Memorial Day because planting anything before that is taking a big chance that it could freeze, but it's always so picked over if I wait, and then I can't find what I want. So I was happy with the big selection & was able to get most everything on my list. The staff person told me to leave the plants in the garage until the weather improves....at this rate it could be in there for a couple of weeks! Hope you're all having a good start to the week, and be healthy and safe. :)) 

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